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From TV series<Chance>,

Chance and D just had an accident, but we didn't see what really happened. Seems like they ran into Cloris's car. We can see that her car was damaged.

Chance - What happened back there?
D - You pulled in front of Cloris.
I looked up "pull", but I don't know what it means here. I mean, if they just ran into her, D would say you ran into Cloris, right?
Thank you.
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    It is the 11th definition under verb in the WR dictionary: "to move or go: The train pulled away from the station."

    Chance drove his car in front of Cloris' car. Either he hit her car in the process, or her car was damaged when it hit the back of his car after he pulled in front.


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    When we say he "pulled" in front of her or "swerved" in front of her, both verbs mean "moved". And by he and she we mean their cars.

    Both cars were moving (not slowly). Chance moved his car so part of it was in front of Cloris' car: it was so close to her car that she could not avoid hitting it.

    If he had moved his car in front of hers, but with more space in between, she could have stopped or turned to avoid hitting him.
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