pulled it together somewhat on my own

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Dice que entre todos los de la banda compraron un deck, y que fue acusado de consumir drogas y lo echaron de la casa por no cortarse el pelo, y comenta que si iba a ser acusado por cosas que no hizo, entonces:

I just said "well, if I'm gonna be accused of all these things, I might as well find out what they're all about. And, you know, maybe I got on the wrong track, but I seem to have pulled it together somewhat on my own.

Es algo así como "hice algo en la mía o la hice a mi manera"?
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    I think that "it" refers to facts about "these things."

    ...but I seem to have assembled all the facts, to some degree I did this on my own.

    ...pero parezco haber reunido todos los hechos y hasta cierto punto hice esto solo
    (Please correct my Spanish)
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