pulled out of the cabbage

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What does the bolded expression below mean?
I don’t mind the ribbing I get at the cafe, pulling up minutes after the Fast Lads have arrived, strutting around, chests puffed out, bikes smelling hot and quietly pinking away to themselves. If you have a moment, let me tell you about the number of these boys that I have pulled out of the cabbage recently, or the funerals I’ve attended.
Source: Mastering the Ride by David Hough

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  • Egmont

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    "Cabbage" here refers to vegetation by the side of a road. He has come upon faster riders who had fallen off their motorcycles and were, when he arrived, lying in that vegetation. The author's point is that, by going a bit more slowly, he gets there a bit later but he avoids having an accident that might even result in death.
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