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Hello everyone,

From the book 99: stories of the Game by Wayne Gretzky:

"The other thing he liked was a short stick. It seemed to help both him and his son Mark stickhandle. I think that’s because they skated in a more upright style and it pulled the puck in."

What's the meanng of "pulled the puck in"?

Thank you.
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    Thank you, Glasguensis.
    And could I ask one more thing about such phrases with "pull" + adverb/preposition?


    He pulled the puck away from the goal line with his left toe on a shot by McDonald on which the...


    He pulled the puck past Johansson right pad to give the Bulls a 2-1 lead.

    What's the meaning of "pull" in such phrases - "pull the puck in/away/past"?
    Does pull mean simply "move"?


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    I understand it as a stroke or movement that started away from the body and moved in towards the body - a pulling motion. There's a roughly similar stroke that can be played in cricket by a batsman and that's specifically called a pull, no doubt for the same reason.


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    Those are two somewhat different meanings of pull. The second one matches what Barque said and also occurs in baseball (and golf, too, I think, by a different name). In baseball, when a right-handed batter hits a ball to his left he is said to have pulled the ball. Normally, you might expect the ball to go straight forward back toward the pitcher. But if the batter swings too early and the bat makes contact with the ball more than halfway through its arc, as the end of the bat is swinging back toward him, the ball will go to the left, sometimes so far left that it is out of play. (When a left-hander pulls a ball it goes to the right.)

    This is what's happening in your second example. Most hockey players are right- handed (like most people) and so, when he shot the puck past Johansson, he pulled it, it went to his left, and past the pad on Johansson's right leg (since Johansson was facing him).

    I think the first example is a lot less technical. The puck came close to crossing the goal line for a score but he reached out his leg and pulled it away from the line, presumably towards his body, with his toe. If the puck went away from him, the writer would've said he pushed it or kicked it away from the goal line.
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