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Hi folks,

I'd like to know the technical word in German for pulley key.

Explanation: imagine a motorized pulley, operated (turned) by a drive shaft. The drive shaft goes through the pulley and turns so that the pulley also turns, thus turning the belts connected to the pulley. In order to prevent the drive shaft from turning inside the pulley without also turning the pulley, each of them has a sort of keyway, Keilnut I think, into which a pulley key is inserted--with the pulley key inside, one cannot spin without the other.

I've tried to find a picture, but this is the best I could get: here. You can barely make out the pulley key--it's the shiny little thing--but it's there.

Any idea what it's called in German?? :)

  • A generalized term is "Mitnehmer". In connection with "Keilnute", the "Mitnehmer" will likely consist in a "Federkeil" (ein Keil der mittels Federkraft radial nach aussen gedrückt wird, so dass es zum Kraftschluss zwischen Antriebswelle und Pully kommt).
    Thanks, Robocop. I understand what you mean.

    I actually found the translation that our native Germans used for this: Passfeder.