pulling on/ pull one arm

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The sheath of arrows is pinned under her back. I try to roll over her body by pulling on one arm, but the flesh disintegrates in my hands and I fall back on the ground.

Source: The Hunger Game

"She" is dead. I was wondering about the difference between "pulling one arm" and "pulling on one arm". I'd like to know if JamesM's explanation in this post is suitable for the above example. Thanks

"He is pulling my arm" or "He is pulling on my arm" are both fine to me. If someone is pulling my arm I would think the rest of my body would go along. If he is pulling on my arm, I'm probably providing resistance or he's too small to move me. A child pulls on his mother's arm, but I wouldn't say a child pulls his mother's arm.

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    I don't know about this but Franco, if she is dead, where is the resistance from? I think the person who says "I" does not want to try hard because flesh comes off and he thinks yewk. That's why "I try" and "pull on".
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