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Never in years have I encountered an error before in WR, but this one is worth mentioning: giving "infumable" as a Spanish translation for 'pulpy' is very misleading.

'Pulpy' evokes pulp fiction, media that is considered cheap, lowbrow, and sensational, but it does not mean it can't be enjoyable. It is not necessarily a negative quality.

'Infumable' is unabashedly negative. It has no connotation about its production value, whether it's highbrow or lowbrow, visceral or brainy. Infumable means it's so long and tedious that it cannot be read/watched/listened to, whatever it is. Joyce's Ulysses might be described as "infumable" by negative critics. But no critic would call it pulpy.

Sadly I can't offer an alternative translation, but I'd urge you to consider eliminating 'infumable' from this entry.


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    Thanks for your interest in our dictionaries. I agree: infumable is not really a good translation option. I've made some changes in this entry to include more accurate translations. These changes will be visible once our databases are updated in the next months.