Pumped a lot of tane down in New Orleans

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    Hola a todos,
    No he podido encontrar el significado de la palabra "tane". Realmente estoy desubicado con esta frase. Pertenece a la cancion Proud Mary de Tina Turner.

    Entiendo como que es un tipo de tabajo que esta' haciendo en New Orleans, pero no se' a que' se refiere realmente.

    Por favor, agradezco su ayuda de antemano.
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    Actually the original song Proud Mary by Creedence Clearwater Revival said pain not tane. Tina Turner changed it from pain to tane. Since Orleans is a large oil port, my best guess is both refer to petroleum by products. Pane would be propane, and tane would be octane, a slang for gasoline. I have to wonder if it may not also refer to drugs. Except they both seem to be referring to the jobs they had to do to get by.
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    Colombian Spanish
    Thank you very much!

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