punch in OR cloak in (clock in)


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What do you call it when someone records their arrival and departure at their workplace at a certain time.

I came up with " punch in and cloak in". However, I think that they were once used to record someone's arrival and departure when a card was punched, now that attendance is recorded by fingerprint scanners, which words do you think of?

Thank you.
  • CasparWeinburger

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    >cloak in

    clock in

    Punch in is old now, but you could still use it. Just like I use /tin foil/ instead of aluminum foil.

    I have been away from that kind of job for awhile now, so I cannot really answer what is current.


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    BE - also "clock in". The technology is irrelevant, it's the time that matters. It's never been "cloak in".


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    In my office, our break time is also recorded by interfacing with our computer, can I possibly say the below sentences?

    I'll punch in for my lunch break
    I'll clock in for my lunch break

    I'll punch out from my lunch break
    I'll clock out from my lunch break


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    I'll punch out from my lunch break
    I'll clock out from my lunch break
    Do you mean after the break is over, when you are returning to work? Then you are not punching out but punching in.

    Or do you mean when you are starting your lunch break? In that case it is not from your break but for it.


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    I called a friend recently on his cell phone. He said, "I can't talk to you right now; I'm on the clock". (He called back later when, presumably he was "off the clock".

    So I imagine that "clocked in" is still current.
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