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Discussion in 'English Only' started by spearfish, Mar 26, 2011.

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    When is it correct to use a comma before the word because?
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    Give us an example. We need to be concise with any answers. The question as stated does not make sense.
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    In Line by Line, Cook uses the example: "I also read the novel, because a friend had recommended it."

    She says the comma before because makes the reason for reading the book--the friend's recommendation--incidental. Without the comma, the sentence primarily concerns the reason for reading it.

    This information was new to me, and I hope I am presenting it in a clear manner. If someone is familiar with the rule for punctuating because, I would appreciate the help.
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    I'm not familiar with the book or its author, but her explanation of the comma's significance baffles me. I do agree that the meaning might differ if the comma were absent, but my interpretation would be different. Examples:

    A: "A friend of mine suggested that I read Name of Novel, so I did."
    B: "I also read the novel because a friend had recommended it." (I did the same as you, including the reason for reading the book; "also" covers both the reading and the reason.)

    A: "I recently read Name of Novel; I was moved to do so by the good reviews it received."
    B: "I also read the novel, because a friend had recommended it." (I read it, just as you did, but in my case, the reason is different; "also" applies only to the reading.)

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