Punctuation in <Third and most importantly ...>


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When explaining something, we often use "First, ... Second, ... Third (or Finally), ..."

In my writing, I am using the above construction to provide 3 "reasons" for whats going on. Each "reason" is more important than the previous one (also the length of the paragraphs increases each time). Since each "reason" begins a new paragraph, I can't use "Finally" or "Most importantly [by itself]" to begin the third and final "reason" as it seems that the reader might not follow.

I wrote "Third [comma] and most importantly [comma] argument". I am wondering if the punctuation is correct or if the comma after "third" should be removed, which would make the introductory clause "Third and most importantly, ... ".

Third, and most importantly, the regional unemployment rate does not capture the direction and the magnitude of the change in unemployment in a given region
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