Punjabi: نئیں / ਨਹੀਂ


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I am sorry for the silly question, but, are نئیں and ਨਹੀਂ the same word?
If so, is it fair to say that the Shahmukhi spelling already factors in some tonal value of the ਹ ?

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    Do you have context?
    I was trying to ascertain if the Shahmukhi transliteration given at the Punjabi University of Patiala has some textual corpus backing, or it is simply a letter-by-letter conversion algorithm from Gurmukhi.
    The latter seems to be the case, they transcribe ਨਹੀਂ as "نہیں"

    This is part of a wider discussion we were having in other threads, because they also list ਨਾ as نا , which is 1-to-1 but doesn't seem to reflect the spelling preference by Shahmukhi writers (نہ).
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    Definitely the same word, just a non-standard spelling of نہیں nahiiN.
    You'll see Gurmukhi readers of Punjabi also write ਨਈਂ naiiN or even ਨਾਂਹ naaNh in casual speech.