Punjabi: ਡੋਡਾ/ڈوڈا vs ਭੁੱਕੀ/بُھکی


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Hey guys, how are you!

I'm sorry to ask a question on this topic, but unfortunately I do hear these words thrown around in the local community quite a bit. I seem to hear some people using DoDaa and pùkkii as if they are consumed in two different ways. I thought that DoDaa just meant "poppy bulb", from which pùkkii was one of the final products actually consumed. I understand what pùkkii is without question, but what is meant when someone says DoDe khaaNRaa? Is this just another way of saying "take opium"? Does it mean the literal consumption of the poppy head? Does it refer to consuming pùkkii? Or is it just a catch all since the poppy head is the source of all these products?

Thank you in advance for your trouble c:
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