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hello everyone:
i would like know what "janu manu" or "janoo manoo" means, i really dont know, A pakistani boy said me this phrase by chat, that is why i wanna know its meaning, Could anybody help me pleeeeeeeeeeease?

thank you
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    Jaan can mean two things. It can be an affectionate way of saying "my dear" or it can mean "life." Both are very nice. I assume "manu" is just a play on words, but can you give some context? Transliterating Panjabi or Urdu is a very tricky task!


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    Hello everyone:
    I would like to know what "janu manu" or "janoo manoo" means. I really don't know. A Pakistani boy said to me this phrase by chat. That is why I want to know its meaning. Could anybody help me please?

    Thank you

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