Punjabi: chambe ਚੰਬੇ چنبا / ਚੰਪਾ چمپا


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In the title of the song الف اللہ چمبے دی بوٹی / ਅਲੀਫ਼ ਅੱਲਾਹ ਚੰਬੇ ਦੀ ਬੂਟੀ / aalīf aallah chambe dii buTii (Jugni Ji), I know that "chambe" has to mean "the jasmine plant", and that it needs to be feminine, the whole thing meaning:
The alif of "Allah" is a flower of jasmine (jasmine flower).

I could not find "chambe" by itself in dictionaries.
So, is "chambe" a shortened form for chaNbelii / ਚੰਬੇਲੀ / چنبیلی ?
("چمبیلی" with an "m" instead of nasalization, seems to be a valid spelling too, at least in Urdu).

If not, what is the dictionary (canonical, "real" :D , singular-direct) form?
Thanks in advance.
  • This is from Patiala dictionary, take your pick:

    ਚੰਬਾ | چنبا | noun, masculine | same as ਚੰਪਾ ; […]

    ਚੰਪਾ | چمپا | noun, feminine | a tree, Michelia champacca, bearing fragrant yellow flowers; its flower.