Punjabi: dā lagRNā

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    Just wanted to add this: I don't think my answer is correct, which is why I asked the Punjabi speaking expert to elaborate (in the part that has been snipped)!

    daa lagNRa reminds one of: لگ گیا تیر، نہ لگا تکا ; where there seems to be a chance with a risk and/or benefit involved...?
    where as mauqa lagNRa seems to be more like: Whenever I get a chance, I will answer this question!
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    Can someone explain to me the difference, if any, between "dā lagRNā" and "maukā lagRNā?"

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    Yes, I can. This is how I understand it.

    daa lagaNRaa

    os daa te aithe daa laggiyaa e.

    He is taking everyone for a ride here!

    te jadoN meraa daa laggiyaa, fer maiN tainuuN dassaaN gaa.

    And when I get my chance, then I'll show you!

    mauqaa milaNRaa

    jadoN mainuuN mauqaa milyaa fer maiN tainuuN dassaaN gaa.

    When I get an opportunity, then I'll show you.