Punjabi: Difference between Tuhanu and Tenu


Most people tell me these vocabs are interchangeable and both are the object like apko in urdu/hindi. It sounds right when I say Tenu ki pata but I feel weird if I said Tuhanu ki pata. The only example I know to use tuhanu is in the sentence I forgot about you :"Tuhanu mai pooley gey". Maybe it would help if I had some examples that shows the clear difference between the two words if there are any
  • Alfaaz

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    Native Punjabi speakers or forum members more knowledgeable about the language will hopefully correct mistakes if any are present below!

    Urdu → Punjabi

    tujh ko/tum ko; tujhe/tumheNtenuuN (or tennuuN)

    aap kotuhwaanuuN (or tahnuuN)

    Your example sentence - I forgot you.

    • maiN tujhe/tumheN bhool gayaa. → maiN tenuuN bhul/phul gayaa.
    • maiN aap ko bhool gayaa. → maiN tuhwaanuuN bhul/phul gayaa.
    Did you get the message?
    • tumheN paighaam milaa? → tenuuN paighaam milyaa?
    • aapko paighaam milaa? → tuhwaanuuN paighaam milyaa?
    You should have said this.
    • tumheN yeh kehnaa chaahiye thaa. → tenuuN ae kehnaa/kehNRaa chaah'ii daa sii.
    • aapko yeh kehnaa chaahiye thaa. → tuhwaanuuN ae kehnaa/kehNRaa chaah'ii daa sii.