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I came across a song called "London thumakda" and, judging by the words and word forms used in the song, it is at least partially Punjabi.
Unfortunately, I wasn't able to find the verb "thumakna" in Punjabi-English dictionaries online - mostly because I haven't mastered the Punjabi script yet, and I am not sure how this verb should be spelled. I've tried a few options, but none of them worked.
I know that in Hindi ठुमकना (thumakna) means either "toddle" or "dance performing rhythmic footwork, also when using anklets" (and it does express the idea of dancing although not just dancing in general). I wonder if the meaning of the verb is the same in Punjabi.
I've also heard that "thumakna" can mean "casually perform dance moves", like people do (sometimes subconsiously) while listening to nice rhythmic music. Is that correct?
Thank you!
  • bakshink

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    Actually this word Thumakanaa is used for coquettish gait, whether on the dance floor or anywhere- Hip swaying or swinging walk of a woman, if/when commented upon by men. It is not used in the bad sense but will not be taken as a compliment by any woman other than one's girlfriend if she is in a good mood.
    It is used in Punjabi too and is used exactly for causing same titillations. The type of the song that you are referring to can have words stolen, borrowed and distorted from any language


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    I don't think the same way as bakshink jii: at least in Hindi, "Thumaknaa" is usually positive (not just for your girlfriend). The word is also used figuratively for a woman if she is in a very happy mood and hence exhibiting outlandish mannerisms (in particular, gait).

    I guess you are referring to the highly popular song from the movie "Queen". In the song, it's the city of London itself that is doing the "Thumkaa maarnaa" in the wedding singers' imagination: as the occasion is joyous, it calls for some "Thumaknaa". The word is thus used in general for female sex or for faceless groups such as London here.