Punjabi: Iftārī

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    Do not know if it helps or not, since I am not acquainted with Punjabi, but in Persian, which is intensely related to Punjabi, "eftaarii" stands for, let's say, the "meal" which is either eaten or served for "eftaar" (< "act of breaking one's fast after hearing Maghriib Adhaan"). However "eftar" too can be used in that sense, but "eftaarii" cannot replace "eftaar".

    Here are some sentences to exemplify it: "eftaar chii khordiin?" / "eftaarii chii khordiin?" ~ "what did you eat for iftar?"; cf. "eftaar kardiin?" ~ "did you break your fast [after Maghriib Adhaan]?" but in this last phrase I believe it is improper to use "eftaarii" instead of "eftaar".


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    This is what the Urdu dictionary lists (similar to what Phosphorus SaaHib has explained above):

    افطاری :
    کھانے پینے کی چیزیں جن سے روزہ کھولا جائے؛ وہ کھانا جو عید کی صبح کو اس غرض سے کھائیں کہ روزہ نہ معلوم ہو۔
    انگریزی ترجمہ : things proper to be eaten in breaking a fast

    افطار :
    1. روزہ کھولنے کا عمل، دن بھر روزہ رکھنے کے بعد مغرب کے وقت کچھ کھانا۔
    2. روزہ نہ رکھنا۔
    انگریزی ترجمہ : breaking a fast; a slight repast, with which a fast is broken, a light breakfast


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    I can but confirm the explanation by Phosphorus SaaHib and the cited meaning from an Urdu dictionary.

    میں کل افطار لئی اوہناں دے گھر مدعو ساں تے افطاری وچ گاجراں دا حلوا وی آیا سی۔
    maiN kal iftaar (aftaar) la'ii óhnaaN de k_har mad3uu saaN te iftaarii (aftaarii) vich gaajraaN daa Halvaa vii aayaa sii.


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    Thank you all! My doubt has been cleared :)

    PG SaaHib, technically speaking, the correct word is "iftaar" (for LP's benefit the "t" here is different from the "t as in "tel". With this "t", we find words such as "taaqat", tuufaan, talaaq, tanz etc). The "y" in the word is a mere "padding", just like "xush-xabarii" where "xush-xabar" would be the correct form.