Punjabi: jhaR

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    Qureshpor sāhib and others, could you say more about this word "jhaR" and "jhaRī?" How else is it used?

    From here: http://forum.wordreference.com/showthread.php?t=1690258

    "jhaRii" in Urdu is "continuous downpour" and "jhaRii lagnaa" is "to rain continuously".

    As for the Punjabi "cha_hR" (jhaR)...

    جھڑ ਝਡ਼ s. m. Clouds overspreading the sky, heavy rain; the wards of a padlock, a splinter of metal; beauty, elegance, delight, enjoyment:—jhaṛ hoṉá, v. n. To be cloudy;—jhaṛ


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    झरना => to fall (like, water fall is also called Jharnaa, or like flowers can fall from a tree and we shall call it jharnaa)
    झरी/झड़ी लगना या झरी लगाना => to form a queue or sequence of falling things... Also used for things like बातों की झरी लगाना.

    बातों की झरी/झड़ी लगाना
    चुटकुलों की झड़ी लगाना
    थप्पड़ों की झड़ी लगाना