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I understand that "Jugni" means "female firefly", and it is also the name of a character in folk music, and it is as well some sort of folk narrative device for composing songs (with said character making short, incisive remarks).

In this wikipedia entry, it also says that, in the context of Sufi / Muslim devotional music, it also means "the spirit of life". For example, in the song "Alif Allah (Jugni)", also known as "Alif Allah Chambe Di Booti" (by Arif Lohar), it seems that they are constantly addressing that name, but it is unclear to me if this is done in a personal way, or it is just some word one repeats in order to generate a rhythm, a cadence, but without any necessarily strong relation with the rest of the lyrics.
In any case, there doesn't seem to be any "witty character" in this case.

Does the "Jugni" in the title of that song, mean that the song is "a Jugni", "in Jugni style"?
Or (Jugni) is added just to differentiate it from other songs also called "Alif Allah"?
(Along the lyrics in the Coke Studio "jugni" is translated as "Spirit-being")

There is another popular, version of this song, mixed with rap style, and apparently devoid of the religious recitation parts, sung by Kanika Kapoor. And to make things even more confusing for me, there is another song also called "Alif Allah Chambe di booti" that does not resemble the catchy "Jugni" version at all.

Any clarification on this subject is welcome, but if I need to ask specific things:

- Could someone please clarify for me if these two seemingly unrelated meanings are related (a witty folk character, a spirit)?
- Also, is "Jugni" a song style, or the name of a specific song?
- Is it supposed to mean anything, or is it just a sound added for cadence (akin to "mast" in other Sufi songs)?

Thanks in advance.
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