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The other day I heard someone say "kaleshaNR" in East Punjabi. What does the feminine noun ਕਲੇਸ਼ਣ /kaleshaNR/ (کلیشݨ) actually mean? In Sanskrit there is a similar word which could be related but the Punjabi meaning could be somewhat different.

Imagine a typical situation of mother-in-law and her son's newly-wed wife engaged in a heated dispute when the former being annoyed says, "kaleshaNR, kaleshaNR saáDe k_àr aa gaii e".
What's certain it is not a term of endearment.
  • کلیش "kalesh" in Punjabi means "distress", "agony", "torment", "conflict" etc.

    S کليش क्लेश kleś, and H. कलेश kaleś, and kales, and kiles, q.v., s.m. Pain, anguish, torment; affliction distress; trouble, care; sickness, disease; vexation, annoyance; strife, contention, quarrel: — kleś-bodhak, s.m. An exclamation, or an interjection, expressive of distress: — kleś denā (-ko), To pain, afflict; to torment, annoy, &c.: — kleś karnā, v.t. To afflict, pain, &c. ( = kleś denā); — v.n. To strive (with, -se), to quarrel (with); — to suffer distress, to grieve, to mourn: — kleś maćānā, To stir up strife, create dissensions or quarrels: — kleś-may, adj. Full of pain; consisting of trouble. (Platts)

    क्लेश kleś [S.], m. 1. affliction, suffering; anguish. 2. strife, quarrelling. — ~ करना (को), to afflict, to distress. ~ करना (से), to strive (with), quarrel (with); to grieve or to mourn (at). ~ देना (को), = ~ करना (को). ~ मचाना, to stir up strife, &c. – क्लेशमय, adj. full of or consisting of suffering, &c. (The Oxford Hindi-English Dictionary- McGreggor)

    (It seems too much of a coincidence that we have in English "clash". Perhaps "clash-aNR"!)

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