Punjabi: Ki raula paya ne?


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What does the word 'ne' mean in the phrase: ki raula paya ne?

Is it another version of 'hai'?

Also what does the word 'paya' mean here?

  • You asked the 'ne' question a few days ago, which was answered here.

    paayaa == past tense of pauNa, as far as I know. Ki raula paa ditta, is a phrase I heard often in my childhood! To be honest, my punjabi isn't very academic, so I just sort of speak without thinking about it, unlike Hindi, which I (often incorrectly) analyse to death.
    ne..here is short form of "aihna ne" ( these people) or "Ohna ne" ( those people) and lokaan ne stands for "the people" Saryaan ne ( All the people) :))