Punjabi: naiyo

Hello everyone.

In lots of Punjabi songs I've heard the word "naiyo", which seems to have the same meaning as "nahin". At first I thought it was just "nahin" + "oh", but in Punjabi song lyrics on the internet they tend to transcribe it as "naiyo" (yes, ad-hoc Latinisation for song lyrics isn't exactly the most reliable source but it's all I have to go on, unfortunately).


oh mitraan di chaare paase taur aa, te naal ne jo yaar naiyo veer ne

aje jatt nu chalauna hathiyaar nahio bhuleya

naiyo jaan de saanu naiyo jaan de

aja naiyo dil lagda ve mera

What exactly does this word mean? In what way is it different to "nahin", if at all? How would you spell it in Gurmukhi and Shahmukhi?
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