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I am listening to a well-known Hindi song, (Kamli, from the movie "Dhoom 3"), which is peppered with Punjabi terms for, effect.

The 2 first recited verses go like this:

maiṁ ruṭhiyaa yār manaavaaNgī / har cilman phuuNk jalaavaaN

... and the translation is something like:

"I will coax (entice, persuade) my upset beloved / I will burn down every curtain"

If someone recognizes the word ruṭhiyaa, could I have the correct Punjabi spelling, so that I can look it up in the dictionary?

The closest things I could find, are the verbs ਰੁੱਸਣਾ /russnaa (to be annoyed) its causative, ਰੁਸਾਉਣਾ / russa'una (to cause to be annoyed), and some other adjective ਰੁਠੜਾ / ruṭhaṛaa (displeased, estranged)

Is any of those the right headword?

Thanks in advance
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    Since ruTheyaa was discussed in the other thread, russeyaa could perhaps be discussed in this thread. As you have already mentioned, it is used in Punjabi. However, an interesting point is that ruus/ru(u)snaa are also present in Urdu and derived from Sanskrit (Urdu Lughat entries: روس؛ رُوسْنا؛ رُِسْنا).