Punjabi: prepositional phrases


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Can you tell me how to say:

"next to that blue one" (Is there a "de naal" here somewhere?)
"on that table over there" (on top of)
"the one displayed on that mannequin over there" (pointing to mannequin)

just use "dummy" for "mannequin"
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    I haven't quite mastered typing in Hindi or Gurmukhi on a mac yet, so bare with me! Eventually I may edit the post to insert the script.

    "Next to that blue one": /us niile vaale (de) naal/
    The /de/ is not absolutely necessary and is often omitted. I don't really find any difference between the two.

    "On that table over there": /odhar de us mez (de) utte/
    /utte/ is colloquially cut short to just /te/, as is /ate/(and).

    "The one displayed on that mannequin over there."
    As shameful as this sounds, I can't really think of a way to say this. Could you tell me what you want this sentence to look like in Hindi? I am perhaps thinking too literally here...:eek: