Punjabi: she-buffalo

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    Can you please write how one should pronounce the word that means she-buffalo. It is maj or something but I am not sure if I am missing an aspiration or what have you.
  2. bakshink Senior Member

    Yes Icf in Punjabi she's called Maj, plural majaan M is a little stressed though my text editor Quillpad.com is highlighting unstressed 'M' in best pick of spellings.(ਮਜ, ਮਜਾਂ, ਮਯੀ, ਭੈਂਸ ) It is also called Mayee plural mayyeaan or Bhains plural Bhainsaa.n. 'Bh' is same as for Bhain (sister). Nasal ending is very important for Bhainsaa.n because Bhainsa (without nasal ending) is a male buffalo. Male buffalo is also called Jhota 'Jh' is stressed.
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    Good grief Bak! So many names. You Punjabis do like your Bubalus bubalis!

    BTW, in Hindi-Urdu also we use <Bhai.ns भैंस بَهينس (female sing.) & Bhai.nse.n (female pl.) // Bhai.nsaa भैंसा بَهينسا (male sing.) & Bhai.nse (male pl.) – nasals in blue.

    We also call a female buffalo calf as <paRyaa पड़िया
    پَڑیا> and a male calf is <paRwa पड़वा پَڑوا >.

    What are they in Punjabi?
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  4. bakshink Senior Member

    Yes Fay, There may be many more words of which I don't know. The reason may be because Punjabis are basically a farming community and crazily fond of Ghee, Makhkhan, Lassi,so fond that they cannot not stop adding new words for fondly calling the providers of their (first!) love. Buffalo's young ones are called "katta", male and "Katti" female. Cow's young ones are "Vachha" and "Vachhi" and ofcourse "BachhRRa" and "BachhRRi" [ofcourse because all words of Hindi almost by right are used by the Punjabees]. Cow is called Gaoo or Gaa.n and male is called Bael or balad (d) soft. Their giving of birth is called Soona and milking is called Chona. There are hundreds of words related to animal farming but I know only a few because I don't have a rural background.
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    Bakshink Sahib, I believe <majh> is spelled with a <jh> sound, said with a rising tone.

  6. Faylasoof Senior Member

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    There is subtlety in Punjabi! Even when dealing with a buffalo!
  7. Qureshpor Senior Member

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    One more for the list! 'mahiiN" as in "SohNRii and MahiiNvaal" [SohNRii [Khuub-ruu aur BhaiNs-vaalaa].
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    Another one used for bull is bail. However, I do have a query with regards to its pronunciation, if you read it phonetically the sound one should make is of bail as Platts suggests which is similar to the english "I'll bail you out". However, amongst punjabi speakers you often hear Baayl the initial part is similar to the noise a goat makes. I would like to know which one is correct.

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