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A phrase, or rather a couple of words, was spoken in Punjabi and I had no idea what it meant.

The whole sentence was - "Meh je Roos ussi gay koi sau panja bande thai fajme uhna dethe aunde sade udar jande."

My understanding of that is " We went to Russia, about five hundred men thai fajme they sent some to us, we went to them." But I can't understand the bit that's underlined and in bold. (Sorry if it's a bad transliteration)

Reshma is Sindhi so I guess it might have been a Sindhi expression that snuck its way into her Punjabi, or maybe "thai fajme" (if that is what she's saying) is a dialectical expression?

I appreciate that the two words in question are probably pretty unimportant in the grand scheme of what she's saying, but I'm trying to improve my Punjabi and it really bugged me that I couldn't work out what it meant.
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