Punjabi, Urdu, or Hindi proverb meaning "can't pick fruit without climbing the tree?"


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I've been instructed to provide the original wording for a proverb from north India that translates literally as "to pick fruit, you have to climb the tree." I'm stumped. This sounds too superficial to be a real proverb, but it might be a simplified version.

If anyone can give me the original proverb, or suggest a common proverb that carries the same thought, I'd appreciate it. Thank you!
  • Alfaaz

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    This seems to actually be an English idiom: He that would have the fruit must climb the tree.
    • Reference here (free preview currently available on Google Books): #173 from Dictionary of European Proverbs
    Urdu English Dictionary lists the following as a possible translation/equivalent here: سیوا بن میوہ نہیں - sevaa bin mewah naheeN

    Other Urdu proverbs that could be similar in meaning:

    کر محنت کھا نعمت - kar miHnat khaa ni3mat
    جو کمائے سو کھائے - jo kamaa'e so khaa'e

    There surely may be others, but nothing else comes to mind at this time!