Punjabi: use of subjunctive

I'll write this one in English because I'm not sure how to talk about grammar in Punjabi, but feel free to respond in Punjabi or Hindi-Urdu if you yourself are capable of it, it would help me practice and I understand it written better than I can write it.

There's a whole range of verb conjugation that I'm not really sure about in Punjabi (and indeed Hindustani). In this case I've found some examples of what I think is subjunctive (although I may be entirely wrong on that), but I'm not sure what semantic role that mood plays in these cases especially since it doesn't really correspond to the English translation.

This is what I make out as the lyrics of the song:

"Budget policy te aid karan (aap?) regulate
News report kar/kare (?) enanu~ support"

Why is this not karde ne?

Another song:

"Raja harjai, charso bees
Gali gali ch munde karan meri rees"

Which I understand as:

"The king won, 420
In the streets guys imitate me"

Again, why would it not be meri riis karde ne~ in this case?
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