Punjabi: vassna (وسنا / ਵੱਸਣਾ) vs. rahina (رہنا / ਰਹਿਣਾ)

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    (Forgive me for any errors I make when using Shahmukhi!)

    I'm currently trying to "purge" my Punjabi of deeper influence from Hindi and Urdu. I realize that this is somewhat pointless given the undeniable impact both have had on the language, as well as their basic shared vocabulary, but my goal is to build and maintain a strong connection with vocabulary used in literature and in rural areas. I want to avoid using vocabulary which is too particular to one dialect and not understood across the entire region, but generally prefer using words unique to Punjabi, when possible. I'm not a native speaker of any South Asian language, so I'm relying on the help of fellow forum members to prevent my speech from sounding ridiculous or artificial. Sounding "rural" or "uneducated" is welcome, however!

    Now, I'm aware that rahina (رہنا / ਰਹਿਣਾ) is thoroughly Punjabi, but would love to increase my usage of vassna (وسنا / ਵੱਸਣਾ). Are these verbs completely interchangeable? If not, how so?

    I'm going to be asking a lot more of these comparison questions, but will try not to flood the forum with too many new threads all at once!
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    Firstly let me say that your goals are admirable. I often think of some Punjabi words which I hardly ever hear any more. They have been replaced by Urdu ones and the new generation would think I was born in the era of Jurassic Park, i.e a true dinosaur, if ever there was one!

    rahNRaa is to "rahnaa" as vasNRaa is to "basnaa" as far as Urdu-Hindi are concerned. They are not interchangeable in all circumstances.

    The first has multiple meanings. To live, to stay, to remain, to continue etc. But vasNRaa has the basic meaning of "to dwell". There is a Shaukat Ali song...

    kyuuN duur duur rahnde o Hazuur saaDhe koluuN...

    We could n't say...kyuuN duur duur vasde o Hazuur saaDhe koluuN.
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    Ah yes, बसना / بسنا ! I may be wrong, but I feel as if this verb is a lot less common in Hindi/Urdu. I mean, I've encountered it, but the Punjabi counterpart seems to pop up much more often. Please feel free to correct this instinct if it is mistaken!

    So, (وسنا / ਵੱਸਣਾ) is used strictly in the sense of living or dwelling somewhere, without the sense of "to remain"?
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  5. bakshink Senior Member

    In Punjabi vasana also means to to go and settle at. Baut lok hindostaan chhad ke kaneda ja vasse ne. Sada ghar vassa de aake soniye. Besides this vasna also means to rain. Meen vass raya si ( It was raining).


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