Punjabi: vowel sounds


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I've noticed that the short vowels I use in my Punjabi don't really match the Malwai Punjabi I heard everyday in India.

The short "i" from "kis" sounds a bit more like "kes," or maybe something in between. Kind of like "ithhe" and "aithhe."

The short "u" from "uddhar" becomes "odhar."

I also felt I heard a "kannā" or alif where I wouldn't usually use one. Well, not exactly an alif but something close to it. I heard a lot of what I'll phonetically transcribe as "oh kārdā," though this doesn't quite cover it. Also "ghār" but not quite.

This does seem to be a rural to urban Punjabi difference. I'm a city slicker and so is my family's Punjabi, so this explains my take, hopefully.
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