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We will soon be the proud owners of two Cane Corso Italiana (Italian Mastif)
puppies. They are a brother and sister, a brindle male and a blue female, for pets not breeding purposes.

We are searching for perfect Italian names for both of them. These dogs will be raised in our home on USA Wheat Ranch. We chose them because of their protective nature, and ability to bond with a family.

We hope to think of the male with some strong masculine name, and the female with a beautiful feminine name. Of course thouroughly cool names would trump both of these options.

Any suggestions?
  • Alfry

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    Roccia sounds very hard.

    for the female I'd suggest
    - principessa
    - briciola

    I'd prefer the first but the second is fine as well


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    great, I like it, only one note:

    if the dog is too swift (come diceva troisi se non sbaglio) when you stop telling her name she's still gone :p


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    or a worse situation can be:

    "princibeeeeellaaaaaac, stop eating that man...."

    at least a leg is gone before the 2nd "e" of Princibeeeeellaaaaaa

    sorry, I'm only kidding


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    silviap said:
    Cosa diceva Troisi? What did he say? In Italian, of course.
    non vorrei confondermi con un altro film ma ricordo che parlando del possibile nome di un futuro figlio, Trosisi voleva chiamarlo Ugo perchè era breve e rapigo da pronunciare, al contrario la moglie suggeriva Massimiliano.
    Lui si giustificava adducendo la scusa che ugo era più facile e diceva:
    "immagina che stia correndo e tu lo debba chiamare "massimiliaaaa... ha già girato l'angolo"

    sto forse sbagliando film o attore?


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    I love the look of your new dogs!
    My choice for their names would be Cara for the female and Rocco for the male.