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    I am working on an App and trying to make it available in Korean. If there are any kind people out there who could help me out, I wonder how to say the following in Korean:

    Purchase failed
    <your purchase was not successful>

    Any help is greatly appreciated! If you do provide an answer, please give a short description of the grammar/structure of the phrase(s), if you can.
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  2. purchase failed -> 구매 실패

    your purchase was not successful -> 구매가 정상적으로 처리되지 않았습니다.
    please try again -> 다시 시도해주세요.
  3. jakartaman Senior Member

    What Superhero1 said seems fine.
    Since you wanted some explanation, I'll take that part.
    1. 구매(purchase) 실패(failure)
    2. 구매가(purchase) 정상적으로(normally, as it is supposed to be) 처리되지(processed) 않았습니다(not).
    3. 다시(again) 시도해(try) 주세요(please give).

    You have to put the verb at the end, with a negative word like 안 or 않 if there is one.

    Hope it helps.

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