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Hello everyone,

I'm translating a document from Catalan to English. It's a report on chemical products. One of the headings is "Puresa per clar" (also later "impureses per clar"), and I don't understand what it means. The information below is just a list of chemicals and percentages, so it doesn't give much more insight.

I think the problem I'm having is that I would expect there to be a noun after "per", but instead it seems to be an adjective - or am I misunderstanding "clar" completely? I understand it to be some kind of measure of the purity of the chemical based on its clarity, but I'm not sure. Any insights much appreciated!
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    saber per clar’ = ‘saber les coses per clar: saber-les clarament, sense punts obscurs’= Know things for clear: know them clearly, without dark points.
    So, ‘Puresa per clar’ as a heading, in Mallorca, may it mean “to know the level of purity of the chemical products”.

    The same for ‘impuresa per clar' = “to know the level of impurity (contamination) of the chemical products”.

    Hope it helps.
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