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    Purity balls simply lay that dichotomy bare..!!
    Purity balls is an event attended by father and daughter to promote daughter's virginity until marriage. Dichotomy is like distinction between two things. But I didnt get the meaning of whole sentence.
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    I think we could use some additional quotation so we know what the dichotomy is here (you may quote up to four sentences total). And a source would be welcome if it's an online article.
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    If you enter "lay it bare" in the dictionary search box at the top of the page, you will be shown the entry for "lay" which has:
    You should actually copy the sentences into your post. Many people do not like to follow random links and the link may become invalid over time.
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    Here's the relevant passage:
    I think the meaning of 'lay bare' here is closer to 'reveal' than 'explain'.

    A narrative would be almost like an idea, pertaining mainly to the mind. The purity balls, that is, "father-daughter dances featuring girls who pledge to remain virgins until marriage and fathers who promise to protect their daughters' chastity," would be physical expressions of the idea, hence the use of 'lay bare'.
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    What I don't understand is, if this is exclusively a father-daughter dance, to whom is the dichotomy being laid bare? Other fathers? Other daughters? The orchestra?

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    The dance is not a secret known only to the attendees. Even you know about it now. ;) Just knowing that there is such a thing and that there are girls who go to the dance and girls who do not go shows a division between good girls and bad girls. You don't need to know what happens at the dance.
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    Purity balls 'lay bare', i.e. reveal the dichotomy that haunts Americans-- esp. of the puritanical or evangelical persuasion. The dichotomy is between 'good girls' (virgins) and 'bad girls' (sexually active girls). American life shows this dichotomy in many ways, some not obvious.

    But to actually stage a 'purity ball' (formal dance and ceremony) where fathers bring daughters and the latter pledge to be virgins till marriage directly reveals this ideal and dichotomy. The balls are not mysterious; they are dances and ceremonies of the father and daughter pledging unity, and the daughter getting a ring which symbolizes her commitment, before God and Jesus, to 'purity,' i.e. no sex until marriage. (Note that nuns receive a ring symbolizing marriage to Christ and their vow of chastity.)

    The author, Jessica Valenti, of the linked article says essentially what I've summarized, here:

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