"purkki" = bulk bin at a market?


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From a supermarket's cleaning guidelines:

Irtomakeiskalusteiden siivous
Huolehdi, että kauhat ovat niille varatussa pidikkeessä (ei purkeissa) ja purkkien kannet ovat kiinni.

"Make sure that the scoopers are in their designated holders (not in the [??]), and that the lids of the [??] are closed."

In the bulk ("irto-") section of a market, the goods (nuts, grains, etc.) are generally stored in large plastic bins/troughs, from which you scoop them out with a scooper (or dispense them with a lever).

Does "purkki" refer to a bin/trough of this kind?

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  • Thank you.

    I was aware of purkki meaning "can" and "jar", and also jar-shaped containers made of plastic (for pills, etc.), but this is a new addition to my list.

    English-speakers usually do not lump these concepts (bin/can/canister) together into one word, as far as I know.
    Only very general words like "container" or "receptacle" would cover all three of them.