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In "Introduction to Western Philosophy" of Anthony Flew there is sentence:

SOCRATES - Unless either philosophers begin to rule as kings in the cities or those who are now called kings and bosses start doing philosophy genuinely and adequately, until there is a conjunction of these two things - philosophy and political power - while the motley crew of those who at present pursue one or the other separately is compulsorily excluded, until then there will be no end to troubles for our states, my dear Glaucon; nor, I think, for the human race either. Nor will this constitution which we have just been describing be - as far as it can be - realized and see the light of the sun. Now this is the thing which made me hesitate so long to speak, because I saw that it would be a very paradoxical saying. For it is hard to see that no one will be happy in either their private or their public life in any other way ....
(§§ 473D-47¢)

What is the meaning of "pursue" in this context?
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    The reference to pursue in this quote is specifically about if people give more weight to and follow philosophy or political power over other better defined methods such as questioning those in power, or questioning beliefs.

    Pursuing ideas, means you are following up on those ideas and taking them on as your own.
    A pursuer of philosophy AND political power (together), may finally begin to question those political motives. (Note: We got there ;) )

    I've edited, because I was trying to answer the entire paragraph, and now I am trying to be more specific about your question.
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