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A singer auditions for a role. Then a friend of hers asks her about it:

+ How'd that audition go?
- Nothing's gonna come of that.
+ Well, maybe if Jeff(the head of her label) pushes a little bit...
- Right, but Jeff is not going to push a little bit.


I guess it means "force" here but can you tell me the number of the definition which fits this use of push? push - WordReference.com Dictionary of English

Thanks for your help.
  • emre aydın

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    It's more to "encourage" than to "force". Force is too strong.
    Using "push" to mean "encourage" or "force" requires an object. So may the definition be "promote" for push here? It doesn't need an object in that sense.


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    Sorry I just saw your list of definitions. Number 4 or 6 are appropriate. These are very similar definitions.
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