push it through myself


Two paranormal experts ask a priest to perform an exorcism on a family. They have videos and photos that prove that the case is very serious. The priest says
it is complicated because the kids aren't baptized and the family is not members of the church, and the approval would have to come directly from the Vatican.
EXPERT: Father, we've never seen nothing like this.
PRIEST: Yeah, well, neither have I.
EXPERT: Father, they don't have a lot of time.
PRIEST: All right. I'll push it through myself.
The Conjuring, movie

What does that exactly mean in your opinion?
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    I might say that "through" is a preposition with an understood object.
    I will push it through whatever it is that it needs to be pushed through. (I think that's recursive. ;))


    I didn't mean that I was confused by your use of "through". It's just when I started the thread I thought that "myself" was the object of "through", but then when you said "I will personally take", I realized "through" was an adverb in the OP.

    Thank you!
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