Put a sock in it


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Argentina, spanish
Can anybody, please, explain me what does "put a sock in it" means?
  • VenusEnvy

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    English, United States
    "Put a sock in it" is slang for "Shut up". If you tell someone, "Put a sock in it!", it usually means that that person has been rambling on about nothing, complaining, or talking about something you don't agree with.

    The phrase "Put a sock in it" refers to actually stuffing a sock in your mouth. The idea is that if you put a sock in your mouth, you cannot speak, or your speech is muffled/stifled.


    The phrase dates back to the days of the wind-up gramophone (phonograph), with an accoustic horn, and no volume control, so a neighbour might bang on the wall and shout "Put a sock in it"
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