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How would a german teacher tell his pupils to "put your pens down", at the end of an exam, or let's say if he just wanted the pupils' undivided attention?

My attempts

Legt (bitte) eure Stifte hin!

Stifte hinlegen!

Both sound a bit stilted to me. Was sagen die Nativespeaker unter euch ? Danke im voraus :)
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    The sentences I mostly heard were

    So, jetzt bitte alle Stifte ablegen
    So, jetzt bitte alle Stifte weglegen..., ("put down all pens")
    So, jetzt bitte alle die Stifte ablegen...
    So, jetzt bitte alle die Stifte weglegen..., ("put down the pens everybody")

    but not so much hinlegen, and generally without directly addressing people using ihr.

    A few teachers like to say Schreibgeräte instead of Stifte (but I suppose it sounds a little funny to most people, until you get used to it).

    So,... is a very typical and much used way in German of introducing a "cut" in a conversation / communication situation or of opening a "new phase".
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