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  1. airelibre

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    Does להרדים work the same as in English "put to sleep", in the sense of killing an animal to end its suffering?! I suppose you can use להמית but that isn't a euphemism, since it literally means "make dead". Is there a euphemism for such an expression?
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    Having unfortunately had this experience recently, I'm pretty sure we used that word. I'm not totally positive that it's 100% "Hebrew" though, as due to circumstances my friends and I have a nasty habit of directly translating English terms into Hebrew and vice versa. Confirmation would be welcome.
  3. bazq Senior Member

    Yes, להרדים is used for "put an animal to sleep".
  4. airelibre

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    I know this is a issue in Halacha, I wonder if anyone knows what word(s) they use to refer to this?

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