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Discussion in 'English Only' started by reka39, Oct 22, 2010.

  1. reka39 Banned

    I was wondering how to use correctly the expression "so we'll put extra effort in trying to catch up again". Basically I want to say that I deliberately avoid doing sth (es. phoning to the loved one - who lives far away), so the desire increases and "we'll put extra effort in trying to catch up again". If someone has understood my question, could he help me? Thanks.
  2. dn88 Senior Member

    Are you asking which preposition to use? If so, you usually put effort into something.
  3. Renaissance man Senior Member

    so...you're going to convince your lovebird that the reason you haven't called is that you will put more effort into seeing each other? Riiiiight ;)

    Apart from the fact that "effort" in this context sounds utterly unromantic, I think you've used it correctly (with dn88's small adjustment above).
  4. the wired logics Member

    Just to be more romantic, I'd rather say something like "we'll want to move heaven and earth" to catch up again :)
  5. reka39 Banned

    Thank you for your suggestions!

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