put money in or put money into a piggy bank

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Is it correct to say put some money in a piggy bank or put some money into a piggy bank.....

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    Both of them sound fine to me. I think I would be more likely to say, "Put some money in a piggy bank" simply because it's easier to say than, "Put some money into a piggy bank."
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    Traditionally or strictly, the preposition should be "into" because it involves the motion of the money from a position outside the piggy bank to a position inside it, rather than a static or unchanging position.

    The classic "error" with these two prepositions is, "Don't throw paper towels in the toilet." Taken literally, it is a request not to throw paper towels around the rest room while standing in the toilet bowl. The people who put up these signs really mean, "Don't throw paper towels into the toilet."

    Many users of English, including many native speakers, carelessly use "in" where "into" is appropriate. Those who do this in speech and informal writing might not do so when they are writing formally or carefully.
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