Put / Spread / Apply butter on beard..[bread]


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Hello there :),,

Put / Spread / Apply

As I've known, all three of them have the mutual meaning that to put something on a surface.

For instance ; <Whenever she goes out, she'll apply/spread/put some perfume.>

But when it comes to beard, is it possible to use those verb to express?

Could anyone help me?

  • Thomas1

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    polszczyzna warszawska
    I suppose you mean 'bread'. :)
    I think you usually spread butter on bread. 'put' may also work, but I'm not so sure about 'apply'.


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    "Put" is very generic (like "place") and doesn't describe the action well. You put the butter on the table as well. Apply sounds very formal scientific and scientific.
    Spread is a specific action. You have a lump of something and you use your hands or a tool to smooth it into an even layer. You have a lump of butter on the knife and you use the knife to move the butter around until there's an even layer of butter on the bread.
    You can apply (formal and scientific) or put on perfume, but if you have to spread your perfume with a knife, there is something very wrong with your perfume.
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