Put the drag in the drag queen


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Stavo traducendo la canzone "King For A Day", dei Green Day, che parla di un ragazzo un po' effemminato, insomma a cui piacciono le cose da donna, per farvi capire il contesto della canzone. Ad un certo punto dice "Who put the drag in the drag queen, don't knock it until you tried it": il secondo pezzo l'ho capito, credo che sia "non 'disprezzarla' finché non l'hai provata" o qualcosa del genere... non ho capito bene cosa intenda con "who put the drag in the drag queen", qualcuno potrebbe dirmi quale sia la migliore traduzione?
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    Drag, on its own, can mean a chore/bane, as in Going to visit the in-laws is such a drag. So it might mean, 'Whoever said cross-dressing was boring?' - 'Chi diceva che il transvestismo era una noia?'

    There are countless other examples of this kind of 'extrapolating' (I don't know the correct technical term) one word from another: putting the "fun" in fundraising is a banal example.

    Giorgio Spizzi

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    Hi, Log.
    I think it should be " Chi ha mai detto che il trasvestitismo è una cosa noiosa/una pizza?"
    Hi, Brig:
    effemminato --> effeminato


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    Hi GS,

    Funnily enough that is what I started to write, but I was overcome with self doubt (and I forgot that it is tras- and not trans).

    I haven't heard the "pizza" expression til now. Is it quite common?


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    "Who put the drag in drag queen" is a common construction for a joke in AE.

    The general construction is:

    He/She put the X in XY.
    It just means that the "he/she" is a 'perfect' example of whatever "Y" is.
    Some examples:
    She put the "strip" in "strip tease". (she is a fantastic strip teaser).
    He put the "box" in "boxer". (he is a fantastic boxer)

    I'm not sure if you have the same method to make a battuta in Italian.
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