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I made a record of English sentences (I read those sentences and used a software to record those sentences then made it as MP3.) and sent it to my student. He received the file on his computer and the other day when we were having tutoring session, I asked him whether he has already copied the mp3 into his cell phone (he then can listen to it every day so as to practice his English.) He said no. Today I asked again:

Did you put the MP3 recording in your cellphone?

I wonder if the underlined phrase makes sense.

Thanks a lot
  • boozer

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    There is nothing wrong, I feel, with 'mp3 recording'. However, mp3 file or just mp3, as you say, do save some breath. :)

    George French

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    Did you put the MP3 on/in your phone?
    Did you load the MP3 to your phone?

    What sort of phone is possibly irrelevant.. .


    And we know it is a recording
    My plain English..
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