put together a bid


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The original text is

"Britain's towns, it is true, are not prevented from applying, but they generally lack the resources to put together a bid to beat their bigger competitors."

i want to know what the expression means here and what "put together" means here? Thank you!
  • dojibear

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    In this situation "a bid" is a long document. It requires wording that a lawyer knows, but most people don't know.

    So "put together a bid" means "create a long document, full of precise wording".

    The sentence says that Britain's towns usually can't afford to hire a lawyer (or lawyers) to create this document.

    Hans in Texas

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    The bid could also mean the sum of money required for the project, presumably in the millions, if it is beyond the ability of towns to “put together”, that is, to assemble from various sources in their town budget.