put water into the bathtub / draw a bath / etc.? (AE)


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What do you say when you put a little water into the bathtub, but you don't fill it? (AE)
- I'll draw a bath / run a bath ==> I found discussions on the internet suggesting that this use is getting archaic
- I'll put water into the (bath)tub ==> never heard it, but found quite a few examples on google books -- is it really used?
- I'll fill (up) the (bath)tub ==> that implies that you fill it full of water, doesn't it?

Any other ways to express what I want if none of the above does?

P.S.: I know that there are differences in AE and BE usage -- I'm mostly interested in AE.

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    I prefer showers, but if I used a tub, I would fill it – in this context, it doesn't mean to fill it to the top; it means to fill it high enough to take a bath.

    I wouldn't use draw or run because they sound old-fashioned. Nor would I put water in the tub. So "I'm going to fill the tub/bathtub and soak for a while."

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